How to Clean False Eyelashes

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cleaners LondonIf you’re a woman, you may know how important is to look good daily. One of the small secrets many of us use is to wear false eyelashes. They make our beautiful eyes look even more lovely, which undoubtedly attracts men’s attention. Fortunately, it isn’t necessary to buy a pair of false eyelashes every time when you want to add some extra length to your lashes, because most fake eyelashes can be used more than once. However, if you’ve got to use these kind of eyelashes daily, you should clean them regularly if you want to keep your eyes safe. Here are a few tips how to do it.

Samantha is an organising manager from Cleaners London and she can’t imagine her life without small women’ secrets like false eyelashes. She advises us to take clean our fake eyelashes daily if we want to keep our look perfect.

1. Mix warm water and liquid soap into a plastic bottle, then shake well.
2. Pour the cleaning solution in a bowl.
3. Place your false eyelashes into the mixture and let them sit for more then 30 minutes.
4. Take the eyelashes out of the cleaning solution and rub them gently to remove the glue and make-up residue.
5. Rinse the eyelashes under running water.
6. To dry your false eyelashes, you can use a paper towel.

This is all you need to do to clean your false eyelashes. Samantha from Cleaners London recommends that you do this procedure a few time a week if you wear your false eyelashes daily. Thus way, you’ll keep your eyes look beautiful.

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